Giving Thanks


We are a multicultural team that supports our brand from around the world!

Ashleigh (otherwise known as Ash) is a member of iCloth’s marketing department. She helps to create, proofread and edit all of the copy and content that we create for all of our various marketing initiatives; all the way from Cape Town, South Africa.

Ash enjoys listening to informational videos, going for long walks and playing video games in her spare time.

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Global marketing guru Ash (iCloth, Cape Town) crafts compelling copy, fueled by video insights, long walks, and gaming joy!

Kiva Lending Highlight

At iCloth, we not only care about our customers and our brand, but we also care deeply about our world and how we can make a difference to impact it positively.
As we are committed to creating meaningful change in the world, we have undertaken three key initiatives over the last year or so to do so.

We recycle (through our zero waste program), we plant trees (with Plant With Purpose) to help reforest watershed areas around the world, and we fund loans (via Kiva) to help improve the lives and well-being of others.

Of the three initiatives, our longest-running one to date has been our Kiva lending program.

With this initiative, we aim to support people who are trying to create a positive impact in their families and communities around the world – while giving our team member’s the joy of knowing they helped someone in need.

If you or your company would like to know more about (and the work they do) or learn more about Plant With Purpose or our recycling partner TerraCycle, we encourage you to visit their websites to learn how you too can make a difference.

Empowering lives worldwide: Kiva lending, tree planting, and recycling initiatives at iCloth
Exciting moments at DataVisual Expo - Check out our booth highlights!

DataVisual Expo and Reseller Engagement

Last month we had the pleasure of being a part of the DataVisual On Display AV Technology showcase, which took place across Canada.
The expo centred around new and innovative audiovisual products entering (and those available) on the market today!

It was not only a chance to meet many outstanding individuals and companies but also a not-to-be-missed opportunity to experience hands-on demos and attend seminars from leaders in the AV industry.

We were so thankful to have been a part of the expo and had an incredible time, especially meeting everyone who stopped by our booth. We look forward to seeing you at the next DataVisual expo!

Wishing you an amazing and successful month ahead!