Cleaning Emergency Service Vehicles & IT Infrastructure with iCloth

Emergency service vehicles such as police vehicles, fire trucks, and ambulances contain a myriad of tech (such as onboard laptops, mobile radars, dash-cams, and touchscreens) that need to be cleaned multiple times per day to maintain cleanliness and safety. Most of this tech has an optical component, which means they have to be clean to be effective. iCloth wipes are an all-in-one cleaning solution and are highly convenient for busy first responders who’re on the go all day. They can be used on all healthcare equipment, sensitive optics, and other surfaces to keep them safely sparkling clean and functioning at peak performance without causing damage.

Many IT infrastructures within businesses, office spaces and service providers are being evaluated during National Preparedness Month, and a lot of Fall Cleaning is taking place regarding the related technologies. iCloth cleaning wipes are the ideal solution for keeping technological devices such as scanners, photocopiers, touchscreens, computer screens, projector lenses, cameras, tablets, and related sensitive surfaces clean, functioning well, and looking their best!

iCloth wipes: Essential for tech cleanliness in emergency vehicles & IT infrastructure.
iCloth: Essential AV Equipment Care for Longevity & Performance!

Why Commercial Integrators/AV Installers need iCloth

Commercial Integrators/AV installers work with audiovisual systems every day. Whether installing new systems, operating them, troubleshooting systems, or performing repairs, AV equipment gets handled a lot and requires proper care and cleaning to keep them free of dirt, dust and grime.

Our iCloth wipes are the perfect cleaning solution for AV equipment because:

  • Are offered in 2 formulas that range from 25% to 70% isopropyl alcohol + purified water
  • Are made from a strong, soft, lint-free cloth with aerospace certifications
  • The formula does not contain any strong solvents, acids, ammonia, or ethyl alcohol
  • The cloth is non-abrasive and made of an aerospace approved material

iCloth cleaning wipes are safe to use after every use and will effortlessly and efficiently remove all the dust, dirt and grease (from fingerprints) that could damage sensitive electronic equipment and affect its performance, thus ensuring the longevity of AV equipment while keeping your clients happy.

Visual Sound Project Highlight

Visual Sound Inc, based in Broomall PA, is completing work to upgrade teacher workstations for a large school district. This has included several thousand classrooms. As part of their package solution for the classrooms, Visual Sound has included three boxes of iCloth wipes to clean the technology in each of the classrooms. This project has put more than 30 pallets of iCloth into the district and set Visual Sound up for repetitive future iCloth sales, as the district continues needing to clean and maintain its new technology.

Visual Sound saw the value in making iCloth part of the add-on sale for the technology they are providing to their customers. The customer, and end-using teachers and students, will be happy knowing they have the cleanest and safest technology. The tech staff also knows that the iCloth wipes will help the technology last longer and respond better.

Unlike hardware sales that have a longer cycle, once you have a customer using iCloth wipes, you can expect to have reorders within months.

Enhance Classroom Tech Hygiene with iCloth Wipes - Visual Sound Project


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