To our customers, distributors, resellers, and end-users,

I hope you are all doing well and staying healthy during this difficult time.

I would like to provide you with an update on our production and capacity during this time of increased demand and need for our products.

We typically target to maintain 45-60 days of finished goods inventory in our Canadian and US warehouses to support you. With the increased demand this year, that inventory was quickly depleted in March, and we have been working aggressively to keep pace.

As you are all aware, there are supply chain challenges everywhere, and the supply of cleaning goods has been particularly hit hard. Non-woven and flexible packaging producers are running 24/7 continuously, however, demand is outpacing production which is causing delays and pushing material lead times longer and longer. Scarcity in isopropyl alcohol has driven formula costs to an all-time high. All of our components are manufactured in facilities that are considered essential and the work continues, but work has been interrupted by shutdowns for deep cleaning, employee health concerns, and component shortages.

These current conditions are causing delays in our production and especially in the launch of our new 70% IPA iCloth products that some of you have requested and need for your operations. We understand the difficulty that delays cause and we are working hard to reduce supply chain burdens.

We are very proud of our supplier and manufacturing partners and the important work that they are doing. We are being supportive and patient while trying to find solutions that can alleviate our shared challenges.

Please rest assured knowing that our team is working diligently to serve your teams and needs.

Moving forward, we have made a decision to err on the side of caution with delivery dates. We are adjusting our dates to align with our new reality and allow you to make necessary changes in purchases if necessary.

Additionally, we are working hard to secure more production equipment and materials to return to an inventory positive position on our existing iCloth SKUs, and meet the new demand for our 70% IPA line of cleaners focused on a cleaner clean with optical clarity.

Your account manager, or direct contact from our team, will be in touch with you to discuss these lead time changes and reset the expectations.

Thanks again for your understanding and patience.

Peter Hartlen
Devonshire Industries Ltd.